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Triplets Reincarnated in the body of Billionaire's Wives In a realm where immortality and sacrifice intertwine, the Triplets Xiandrellyn Blue, Sharlene Shine Yellow, and Crimson Red bravely gave their lives to save their immortal world and their father, the king. Their noble sacrifice left their young daughters behind, vulnerable to a tragic fate. To prevent their daughters' premature deaths, the triplets took their souls to the mortal realm, seeking new bodies for them. Their journey was fraught with struggle until an unknown force suddenly whisked their souls away. They awakened in the bodies of billionaire wives—women known for their ruthlessness and manipulations, using their charms to secure pregnancies from billionaires while they were still young. Bound by the need to protect their daughters and preserve their own souls, they entered marriages to maintain their new identities, navigating a world where reputation and survival collide in unexpected ways.
Latest: Chapter 4