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After a hearty dinner, Daniel Park settled into a contemplative state. His original body, the smaller one, was tirelessly working on its physical condition, but he recognized a critical gap in muscle memory and experience. This gap was something neither this body nor his past self could bridge quickly. To address this, he devised a plan to have his two bodies spar against each other. The stronger body would start at the level of the smaller body and gradually increase the intensity, allowing the weaker body to adapt and improve.

The idea was simple yet effective. Both bodies were connected by the same mind, which would ensure a consistent training regimen. However, executing this plan was more challenging than he initially thought. The smaller body's movements were slow and clumsy, making it easy for the larger body to dodge attacks and counter with precision. The disparity was stark, and it frustrated Daniel how his smaller body struggled to keep up.

An hour into the sparring session, the smaller body began to show signs of improvement. Actions and flips that were previously difficult now seemed slightly easier. The body felt lighter, more responsive. Daniel was mesmerized by the rapid progress, a testament to the Lookism universe's unique blend of dedication, hard work, and innate potential. He realized, however, that part of this transformation was due to the enhancements he had made during character creation. The smaller body's potential and innate abilities were far above normal, akin to the gifts seen in characters like Johan Seong of generation 2nd and like james lee, tom lee,vinjin' teacher of generation 1st and the legendary fighters of Generation Zero like Kim Gapryong of Gapryong fist .

With the sparring session concluded, both bodies headed to the nearby convenience store to purchase groceries for the next few days. As Daniel walked, he couldn't help but think about the significance of this store in the Lookism canon. It was where his smaller body worked night shifts, encountering various incidents that shaped his relationships with characters like Joe, Crystal Choi, Jinho Park, Doo Lee, and Duke Hwa.

As he approached the store, a wave of nostalgia washed over him. He remembered how Duke Hwa, despite being bullied for his appearance, never let others' opinions override his dreams of becoming a rapper and dancer. It was a reminder of the resilience and strength that could emerge from adversity.He is one of the most admiring character who even though got bullied for being more fatty and ugly ,he never let others opinion of them override his dream and passion for writing songs in reverse it made him push even harder. He was a living embodiment of never giving up on your dream and be firm on that. <


Entering the store, Daniel's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar scene. Zack Lee and his sidekicks were causing trouble, demanding items that minors were not allowed to purchase. Behind the counter stood a boy who, although intimidated by Zack's size and demeanor, refused to comply, fearing the loss of his job.

Daniel's expression darkened. Just that morning, he had taught Zack a lesson during lunch, hoping to curb his bullying tendencies. Yet, here he was, back to his old ways. Determined to make a more lasting impression, Daniel decided to intervene, but in a way that would be both surprising and instructive. He would use his smaller body, now slightly less fat and more toward the edge of normal and fatty , to confront Zack. This would drive home the lesson that appearances could be deceiving, and underestimating someone based on their looks was a mistake.

As he stepped into the convenience store, he noted the changes in his smaller body. Two days prior, Zack had bullied him during a movie date with Mira. Back then, Daniel was fearful and clumsy, a stark contrast to his current state—more confident and composed. Zack didn't recognize him now, thanks to the physical changes and newfound confidence.

Inside the store, sidekick's loud demands filled the air while zack is just behaving like he doesn't even need to see what is happening . Daniel's smaller body approached, and as he did, the tension in the room became palpable. Zack's sidekicks noticed the approaching figure but didn't perceive any immediate threat. To them, he was just another kid, perhaps slightly more confident but still unimpressive.

The boy behind the counter looked relieved yet puzzled by Daniel's presence. He was unsure what to make of this new player in the unfolding drama. Daniel's eyes met Zack's, and for a moment, the room fell silent. It was as if the air itself was holding its breath, anticipating the confrontation.Daniel's smaller body, now slightly less fatty and more towards obese, confidently entered the convenience store. The transformation over the past few days had been significant. He was taller, more muscular, and exuded an aura of confidence that was a stark contrast to his former fearful and clumsy self. Zack, who had bullied him just two days prior, did not recognize him due to these changes.zack thought

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