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Apocalypse Land: Rebirth

Apocalypse Land: Rebirth

Apocalypse Land: Rebirth

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In a trading and touring company an office worker suddenly startled with panic in his eyes and sweat beads on his forehead.

But he calmed down immediately by his nature that he cultivated for a long time.

He made an excuse and left the office that day to return back to his apartment.

“So I have died after 16 years of surviving in the apocalypse because of that bitch Nisha and bastard Roy.

That bitch Nisha even took my space pendent as if she already knows about it in advance.

Also all the opportunities that I got were taken by them.

My love is wasted on her.

I still got a year of time before the disasters started with scorching hear, floods, rains, volcanic bursts, tsunami, acid rains, plant and animal mutation, zombies…..

This did not end as the earth moved to apocalypse land which is its origin.

For all this I require food, water, weapons, supplies, and many things….

Since I have returned again I will take care of those bastards hehe.

The pendent seems to be damaged it needs repairing….”